Welcome to The Boxing Kangaroos

VR Offshore Sailing Team

We are a team of virtual offshore yacht racers. We race in global competition using the fantastic software at virtualregatta.com

Our team is comprised of sailors from Australia, England, France, The Channel Islands, Switzerland, Nigeria, The Netherlands, America, Canada, Sweden, Japan and  Ireland. Competition is tough between members as we battle for a coveted “Top Ten BK” position in every race. Our ranking in “The Hall of Fame” (a global team ranking) at the end of 2019 was 13th, it is now 6th. Our ambition is to be the number one ranked team in the world.

A constant, hectic , international racing schedule keeps us very busy, at present we are racing in the Globe 40 series, the mini-Transat and have just completed a record race from Marseilles to Catrhage.

Our team culture is centred on a strong competitive spirit with a truly international flavour, many strong friendships have developed amongst our members, especially in these times of global pandemic. Our members come from all age groups and walks of life. United by our common bond of a passion for offshore virtual sailing we sail the seas in search of victory.

All are welcome to join us regardless of location.


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