Boxing Kangaroos win the Virtual Regatta TAG Heuer Vela Race

Boxing Kangaroos’ hotshot Gareth West in his boat BigBalls led his team to victory in the “TAG HEUER Vela Cup” finishing on May 30th. West came 3rd overall closely followed by BK Top Guns Volante, Wild Goats X1, Shockwave and GibDodger supported by a rampant mob of Boxing Kangaroos. “After an early lapse in concentration and an unscheduled visit to the rock of Gibraltar, it was always a catch up game. Such is the never say die spirit of the Boxing Kangaroos. The opportunity came when the leaders fell in a hole off Tunisia. Seizing the opportunity and sharing with my teammates word of the wind change. We skirted over the north of Africa sailing around the leaders to an unexpected but welcome comeback.” Really proud of my teammates”, added an elated West at the virtual Boxing Kangaroos bar after the race. Known as “Stevoo’s Bar” this virtual drinking hole is where many a Boxing Kangaroo race winning strategy is hatched.

The team performed at all the major strategic points of the race, at each mark rounding and split BKs had boats well positioned but crucially, after an advance weather warning early on Saturday morning from Adam (Shockwave), Gareth split from the main fleet and avoided the becalming many suffered and called for the team to follow.

And that was how it was won.